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We loved the white gown contrasting her sleeves of tattoos. Erin Willett: The waitress went “that” route and performed Adele‘s ‘Set Fire to the Rain.’ Adele is a risky choice on a reality singing show, but Willett had the chops.

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Shelton sent Jordis Unga home, while Aguilera bounced Jesse Campbell. It was a string-driven ballad and it showed her softer side. She felt like a true contender until Blake ditched her.

We have to say we really disagree with your instant elim choices, guys.

He changed some of the phrasing — hi, Adam — and knocked it out of the park, grand slam style. Jesse Campbell: He was a bit adventurous with Beyonce‘s ‘Halo.’ He started slow, but he built up to the ending, singing the song to his daughter, infusing it with the kind of emotion that you can’t fake.

He felt like a a keeper, but Xtina sent him packing.

1 as a writer since 1998, when Garth Brooks' cover of Dylan's 1997 song "To Make You Feel My Love" reigned for a frame.

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