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The first of the five shows for MTV and MTV2 is "The Hook Up," which will premiere on October 14.

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"This looks like jewelry", said Bloomberg Pursuits food editor, Kate Krader.

"Like beautiful, luscious jewelry." The "this" in question was a small pile of smoked salmon from Barney Greengrass, and Krader, who'd spent the last five hours trudging across Manhattan and Brooklyn in an exhaustive attempt to sample some of the best smoked fish in New York, had hit a wall.

Handpicked by MTV as their new tastemaker, Schulz will take over the small Screen with five new shows for their network.

And this fall, the comedian - known for his hilariously edgy, street-smart, and unapologetic comedy - will deliver his due.

He'll be on the road for his accompanying stand-up tour.

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